Internet Business Solutions and Web Hosting
Internet-related technologies are fundamentally changing the way business transpires today, between internal business units, between a business and its suppliers, and most importantly, between a business and its customers. Effective use of Intranets, Extranets, as well as establishing an appropriate presence on the global Internet is becoming a key to survival for an increasing number of companies. Voo.com can deploy teams experienced in the latest tools and techniques to help design an appropriate technical architecture, create high-quality, scalable Web applications, build e-commerce solutions, and perform full legacy systems integration. We provide various typical and customized packages. We will fine tune all the details in your experiences hosting your site with us.

Custom Software Development

Most in-house IT organizations have more demand for applications development than they can satisfy with internal resources. Voo.com can help relieve the backlog by providing experienced teams of IT professionals that can create and deploy effective new information systems on time and on budget with high quality. A key advantage of Voo.com.com's approach to "team placement", versus other companies' simple provisioning of individuals with single skills, is the natural efficiency gained through the experience of working together over time. In addition, Voo.com.com's development methodology provides an effective and efficient road map for custom application development while our application templates and solutions components minimize the time required to develop and test custom applications. Voo.com provides complete, systems development life-cycle (SDLC), maintaining expertise in many of today's popular development environments including mainframe and client server platforms. Specific technical expertise includes Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB/2 and Perl.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The aim of ERP is to provide a single, integrated software system handling a host of core business functions including finance, human resources, materials management, sales and distribution. It's goal is to set in place a wholly new application architecture that powerfully integrates business processes and performance metrics across all of an organization's business units. Successful implementations of offerings from PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan and Oracle have created new efficiencies and fundamental competitive advantage for thousands of leading companies. Voo.com can help organizations analyze their needs, determine which alternatives may be appropriate, and lead the process of re-engineering key business processes, in addition to package selection, customization, implementation and testing.

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